11 May 2007

finally! she understands me

well mum is finally learning a bit... she was up reading on house rabbit last night about how to help an agressive bunny and give the right kind of toys and things to keep me occupied. she read this:
Have you ever noticed that the minute you let him out of the cage in the morning, he races to the refrigerator or the couch to continue the redecorating job he left off yesterday? HRS fosterer Holly O'Meara has pointed out that many rabbits are project-oriented and are only interested in an activity if it is going to occupy their mind and body for quite some time. I imagine it must be very satisfying for a bunny to finally complete a major architectural or interior-decorating job with which he has been occupied for a period of days or weeks.

that's me to a tee and i'm glad she understands now that i'm just trying to do home improvement projects around here when i'm pulling up carpet, chewing on the doors and the like. so she doesn't have to worry about what i'm doing anymore.

now if you'll excuse me, i have to get back to fluffing the carpet.


Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Just don't come over here and "help" fringe the curtains, okay? :-)

Anonymous said...

sounds more like OCD - and I should know!

luv Aunt Lisa