05 April 2008

Christmas in April!!!

Well hello all. I wanted to share with you a great treat Mum just received today from our friends Joanna and Captain Rupert.

If you have not visited her shop to spoil yourself and others with the wonderful art and cards then you are missing out on a delightful experience! If you are like us and like to have lots of creative little notecards and things on hand for friends you cannot find a better place to get them. Visit Joanna's shop -- Higglety Pigglety!! Make an order! You'll be glad you did!

We got some of the little notecards in the fun boxes, the Tea Party card and of course a pack of the amazing Midsummer's Eve party with Captain Rupert post cards. The painting is exquisite and the cards are amazing. (Click the pic for larger view!)

As for me, I've been out a bit more, found a nice spot to hunker down between the couch and Mum's table.

It's a good spot! Big Dumb Puppy even has his moments when he is calm and I can be out. I guess he's growing up.


DK & The Fluffies said...

Nice goodies! DKM better order me some!

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

That looks like a cozy spot, Archi! And I bet you get a good view of what's going on!

Tiger Lily said...

Hi Archi Ann! That package looks like lots of fun!

Are you happy that you will be an inside bun? Will you still get to go outside when the grass is grown up?

Thank you for your offer to grunt and charge those nasty spammers in my comments. They deserve it!!

lgf said...

if only I knew what grams & mililiters were I could make the carrot cake! ;-)

RG said...

That spot looks cozy .. and AA looks really spiffy, I must admit, after the horrid bath!

Getting a package from Capt'n Ruperts is the best! Wonderful things.

Somebody tell lgf there that if they click the carrot cake recipe on our site it has the mls and gs all converted to US measures!!!

RG said...

You know? 48 people from all over the world have looked at that pretty recipe since early December.

I think there have been some good eats too!!!

lgf said...

thanks rabbits guy...archi's mum let me know.

aka archi's auntie

Karen Jo said...

That was a wonderful package. How do you like being an indoor bun, Archi Ann? That looks like a very good spot to hunker down in. I bet it has a good view, too.

Deb Cushman said...

What fun to get a package in the mail with all kinds of good stuff!

You look pretty cozy in that spot you've discovered!

Anonymous said...

Its about time she let you out !!
Your cards from Captain Rupert are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

We ordered a box as well! They are so cute as the squares!

Joanna said...

Thank you so much for the lovely post we are truely honoured, Love Jo and captain rupert xx