08 January 2008

litter boxes

At Rabbits' Guy's request I took some pictures of what I've used to keep certain rabbits from digging in their litter boxes. Archi Ann was the WORST at digging but Riena does a fair share herself.

I use white vinyl shelving because it's easy on them and doesn't look too bad. I got scraps from a friend who was tossing it. Cut it up with bolt cutters to fit your litter box. I work with the form so that there aren't any sharp edges - like cutting after a crossbar and putting the cut end on the front of the box because my rabbits tend to sit at the back of the litter box.

In this pic I had found some different, lighter vinyl shelving. I like it best. but the shelf above fit nice and tight in the box.

For this shelf the bunnies tend to pull it off so I drilled a couple holes in the front of the box and used zip ties to wrap and hold it.
When I first started this i had to stack the litter above the height of the shelf so they use it. You know how bunnies are - they HATE change... they seemed to need to feel the litter. But once they got used to it I could use less litter. I use Yesterday's News because it's easy to clean, you don't have to use much at a time, it doesn't stink and doesn't cost much from PetSmart.

And here is the latest on the "non-bonding" of Riena and Zinger


RG said...

Well first, thanks for those photos and we are going to do that on a couple of our more active litter flingers!

As for the bonding there ... that seems like the way to see how they like each other. It does not look like they bite or fight through the divider!

Thanks to AA for letting Mum blog once!

Anonymous said...

So... do we have nose bumps between the gate yet?

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Rabbits' Guy - sorry for the delay but alas, work continues to interrupt my life! There's a cage place I can't remember the name of that makes em but uses sheet metal for the litter box and I didn't care for that so I never bought them. Plus I already had litter boxes and as you know, the more bunnies you have the more money you don't have!

They actually do fight between the cages :( Mostly Riena seems to be instigating it. Zinger sniffs and Riena snips and swats. So Zinger walks away and thumps!

No nose bumps. Bunnyluver said it took Hugo and Bungee a few months so I haven't given up hope!

Karen Jo said...

That looks like a great way to prevent litter flinging. Riena and Zinger do seem to be getting a bit more used to each other. I hope that they get to like each other eventually.

Christine said...

That's a great idea! Sammy doesn't have that deal; he just confuses his litter box with his bed! Glad the bed is machine-washable!

Karl and Ruis said...

Make sure to come to the BIG tea party for Miss Peach's 15th birthday on board the cruise ship in Antarctica tomorrow!!!
Karl and Ruis

Zinger said...

Thanks for the encouragement Karen Jo - we sure do hope that they start to be friends. after all, we got zing so riena wouldn't have to be alone!

Nips-n-cuddles- you know i think it's mostly a girl thing - they have that digging/nesting thing going on. zinger doesn't do it but does also wet outside his box on his blankie too ... sigh... hehe

karl and ruis ... heading there next :-)