20 March 2007

bunny spelunking

so Hugo, Bungie, and Mabel's mum asked if these cute little outdoor critters dig warrens...

well, they are domesticated american rabbits ... so they've kind of forgotten what they were created for and gotten pretty lazy...

but the dogs, when i first moved in here in 2000, dug a den under the shed. and when luther came to live with us he began tunneling beyond the den

here's the doggie entrance:

and around the corner... the bunny emergency exit:
(wouldn't you say Ollie makes a good spokesmodel for these pictures!)

in the back of the den there are the tunnels:

riena, inspecting luther's work


BunnyLuver said...

Hehehe soo cute! So you don't worry about them escaping?

Zinger said...

i've fortified their yard. the last of that was pouring cement under the gate in my driveway because they used to get out there and go explore the neighborhood which just kind of cracks me up considering how big the yard is. i'd go out late in the evening to take out the trash and they would be milling around the gate looking for an escape hole. silly wabbits

DK & The Fluffies said...

They are so cute! I could never let the kids hop about outside alone because of the large number of eagles, owls and hawks who live nearby.

Zinger said...

Oh yes, i know of that risk. there are raptors in the neighborhood (didn't know you call them that till the influence of birdchick!) but i believe that they are actually happier outside living more as God intended them to. I realize i take a risk but i think they appreciate being outside. i can't hardly get them in at all anymore.