06 March 2007

good greens and tree climbin'

I'd say mom did a great job - lots of parsley and mustard greens and romaine... i definitely approve of her shopping trip last night!

oh and mom says you shouldn't worry about that cord you see back there - it's safely covered in Critter Cord and i can't stand the taste of the stuff unlike Bilbo who gobbled it up!

mom then went outside to feed Luther and Riena. Apparently they weren't as interested in the new greens. Luther took to his new hobby, tree climbing. I think he got the idea from seeing this Silly Wabbit

mom came home the other day and riena was under the tree but Luther wasn't around - then he came flying outta the little tree - he was about 3 feet up.

This morning he started up in the tree, looking for munchies, but then a truck noise scared him so he didn't go up any higher.

if you click on the pic you'll get a larger view


DKM said...


BunnyLuver said...

Do you other two bunnies ever come inside?

Zinger said...

only when they are forced to when i dogsit Jazz (the black dog). and they don't come quietly. luther is impossible to catch, i usually try to herd him into the shed then i can get him. riena used to be easier to catch but even she isn't now. they LOVE being outside, have plenty of room to play, lots to eat and when the rains come i have the best fertilized weeds in the neighborhood from their droppings! i've even planted a garden just for them!


third down is riena in the garden during bloom time - now it's not looking quite like that.

carri ann
aka archi's mum

Anonymous said...

What beautiful bunnies! They're so cute, I'd love to have a bunny but I think Puddy would gobble it up! :D

Katiez Furry Mewz said...

My friend Monique in Paris has wabbitz... forgot the french word.

anywayz, your critters are beautiful!!

Thanks for stopping by! Glad to know some one else who identifies with those wordz from Jars of Clay.

Yep that quote just seems to go with Katie's wet kitty foto find.

Sum dayz i feel stuck between theze two cats and all that werk...

"Clowns to the left of me
Jokers to the right.
here i am stuck in the middle
with you..."


Komedienne, LSVC.

Katiez Furry Mewz said...

da 2 cats.... da wet cat and da punk cat dat iz.

Katie Too.