27 March 2007


clyde was the bun that started it all for me and none of you have met him - i miss him so i thought i'd put up a post. He was a mini broken rex - belonged to the son of my best friend. i took care of him while he couldn't. he was the first rabbit i ever had. tho he wasn't mine i took care of him as tho he were. all my other rabbits came after him.

for some reason lakota took an instant attachment to him - it was really cool. she would follow him around the yard when he was out, if he stopped to nibble she would lay down beside him. it was as if she was letting him know it was safe to be outside. this was back when i would bring the buns in at night. but they got to liking being out so much that even clyde wouldn't let me catch him anymore! and he loved to be held and cuddled - my friend had hand raised him inside.

at the time the neighbors up front had a pit bull. (miserable dog) that dog would just go nuts at the fence growling and barking whenever clyde and riena were on that side of the yard. lakota took to sitting in between the fence and clyde as if to tell the dog if you want him you have to go thru me.

the name Lakota means Friend in Sioux ... it sure fits her!

clyde is gone, as are the neighbors with the horrible dog (that's saying a lot - rarely do i meet a dog i don't like).

the new neighbors also have a dog - but he's much cooler ... his name is Jack - very original!


DK & The Fluffies said...

We approve of the bun post! What a cutie!

BunnyLuver said...

Who's that other bunny in the first pic? Is it domestic?

Zinger said...

That's riena - she's outside with luther now. she's a netherlands dwarf.

luther came when clyde passed, so that riena could be an outside bun still and i didn't want her alone since she and clyde were bonded. she and luther are even more so

Anonymous said...

I am loving the photos on your site! They seem to capture the moment really well. I wish I could have a bunny - they are adorable! I've never seen a bunny with a spotted coat - only plain black or plain white ones, so that's pretty cool! :)

Anonymous said...

That bunny looks alot like mine, except mine is more brown and red than yours