21 March 2007

Make Mine Chocolate

Easter is just a couple of weeks away and I realize to, in this blog, tell people not to buy a bunny that they won't keep is like preaching to the choir so I'm not going to take the time :-)

But I do want to share a way to share some yummy chocolate bunnies and get the word out to help those buns that are abandoned when they realize that a bunny is a committment!

The local rescue here in Southern California - The Bunny Bunch- has a deal where you can buy a chocolate bun in a collectible tin and the proceeds help pay for rescue efforts. The Bunny Bunch are the folks that helped me find Luther, who has been a blessing to me and Riena. He's named after one of my hero's Martin Luther, the reformer who changed the world for Christians (which is what easter is all about anyway... the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, not bunnies :-) )

So if you're looking for a cool way to get a chocolate bunny for someone for Easter, and donate to helping rabbits this is a great opportunity!



BunnyLuver said...

Thanks for the help with my profile pic :P

Kim said...

Cool, thanks for sharing!

Sasha kelinci said...

Thanks for your sharing & useful.