15 March 2007

Finally, she's off the computer

i've just been laying around here impatiently waiting for my mom to get off the computer so I CAN BLOG! mom decided since i'm so cool that i can blog she should be able to as well. sigh... now it's gonna be even harder to get her off the computer than it was before when it was just because she was "working" that she wouldn't let me use the computer!

but at least she named her new blog with the right focus... it's called archi's mum


Mrs. Sniffles said...

I understand your frustration. It is very hard to share the blogging rights in the family. Luckily Bunny Mommy relented and just gave me the blog. She said it was too hard to balance with work and that my life was more interesting than hers anyway.

Zinger said...

LOL - i KNOW my life is way more interesting than hers. my problem is she works from home and her job has her on the computer all day so about the only time i can get on is if she's not having insomnia but actually in bed sleeping :-)

DK & The Fluffies said...

Look at you with your cute little flop! -DKM

Anonymous said...

I suffer the same problem, ugh!


Unknown said...

Hey Archi, its nice to meet a new bun! I like your sassy bunnitude! ;)

My mom hogs the computer too, and hardly give me anytime to blog. But I can't complain too much becasue she gets me lots of tasty veggies.