15 December 2006

My Posse

this is archi ann - we all call her archi - she's the other house rabbit i live with. we don't get to play together because she isn't interested in other rabbits. i can relate to that! in fact the only reason i'm introducing you to the other animals i live with is because my human told me to.

speaking of my human i have to give her a little credit - i don't think she's too bright but now i understand why she makes me stay in the cage when the black dog is here. i think that dog wants to eat me.

07 December 2006

greener hay

darn she caught me this time... but i will sneak out when she isn't looking... i will i will i will

if the big dumb dogs know how to get thru this thing i certainly can

now my human is worried i'm going to get out and either fight with the outside rabbits (could anyone as cute as me get into a fight?!) or worse get lost ...

so she's barcoded me...

it's starting to feel very orwellian here... 1984 anyone?...