30 November 2007

No Approval here

MUM - What are you thinking?!!! There's enough fur in this family already!

29 November 2007

Five Favs Meme

Hey gang,

Captain Rupert tagged me for a Five Favorites Meme.

Five Favorite Songs:
I kinda don't like music - mum listens to real weird stuff. but i like when she listens to Johnny Cash and Roger Miller. I can live without the hard music though. How can they even call that music?

Five Favorite Toys:
I like my pillows - not really toys but they're great. Keep me cozy and happy. And mum has this ball that torments me. She puts treats in it and I have to push it around to get the treats out. Very annoying! just put the treats in my bowl - geez.

Five Favorite Activities:
Bunny 500s
Grunting and charging the dogs, other bunnies and anyone else around, including mum sometimes.
oh and Eating

Five Favorite Bad Habits:
Sorry but I don't have any bad habits, i'm just misunderstood. Sure I started pulling up the carpet but mum says the landlord bought tile to put down and they just haven't done it. So i'm helping by pulling up the carpet. And the baseboards, well they're boring! They need some bumps and curves and design in them. But now that I'm outside I don't do those things! I love my outdoor enclosure!

Well I don't have a picture to post, mum has been hogging the camera to take pics of the foster girl Betsy. She is very shy but she can't stay that way here. It's too crazy with all these animals here and around.

Here's a pic of her and O'Reilly...

28 November 2007

My Mum is hopeless

This is Betsy and she is being pulled from the same shelter/pound that O'Reilly came from. Tomorrow night Mum is bringing her into our kennel/warren/chaos to foster her! She is a Ridgeback mix and could possibly be from the same backyard breeder as OR!

Mum is only going to FOSTER HER (right mum?!!!). There are actually several people that want to adopt her. Her looks belie her personality. After meeting her Janay said:

Meet Betsy. She looks sad but don't let they eyes fool you! She is working it with her bedroom eyes! She was very happy yesterday and was very affectionate.

OR has the same bedroom eyes thing going on. Mum can't wait to meet her... I'm not convinced!

25 November 2007

easy like sunday morning...

"Nope, sorry Mum, not coming out today. Don't feel like it."

"That's ok, neither do i!"

20 November 2007

you might be a redneck bunny...

if your Cottontail Cottage is just a few boxes and some packing tape...

you might be a redneck bunny!

tuesday tongue

bunny tongues are so cute

17 November 2007

Saturday Tocks

Sorry I haven't posted for a while but mum's been hoggin' the puter.

Here is a great shot of Zinger's tocks for you

And an illustration of a great way to put your bean's old college Calculus text to good use... a monitor riser. I don't understand why they have to go to school, we bunnies just know all of it.

09 November 2007

so glad it's friday...

i guess it's been a rough week for Lakota! she's pooped! big dumb puppy wears her out too!

riena and zinger are still getting acquainted... mum says he's a cuddlebug and she likes him lots and hopes he gets along with riena cuz she's attached

O'Reilly watches, captivated!

Meanwhile, outside...

Cinnamon looks over the whole situation and joins me in a much needed disapproval

08 November 2007


Maybe he'll get to be friends with Riena so she doesn't have to be alone anymore!

Me, I like being alone... and yeah, Zinger's cute but that's only cuz he's a dutch bun like ME!

05 November 2007

Monday Bunday or...

"MOM, Big Dumb Puppy is stalking me again!"


"Whut? I'm not doin' nuthin'..."