25 September 2007

Mum's Home

Hey all - thanks for coming to my party! What a blast having the place all to myself. And no blockheaded puppy annoying me. Well, he's back too!

Mum got home late Saturday night and I guess we rabbits allergied up the place for her so bad that her asthma has been really bad. But she's feeling better today finally so she will be posting pictures from her vacation to HER BLOG! I told her no more commandeering my blog!

13 September 2007

The Par-tay is on ...

And it's at my house! All the bunnies (and other species providing they are bunny friendly) are invited... which means O'Reilly is GOING! i'm doing binkies just thinking about not having that dumb puppy around making me nervous.

Apparently mum is going on holiday and she's leaving me here! she says there will be neighbors coming in to check on me and riena and luther but i think we can still have a great shindig while she's gone! she'll never know! the dogs are going to Aunt Diane's house for the time. oh it will be so nice...

so come on over!

09 September 2007

FREEDOM... not yet...

Hi there y'all. My hope for freedom last Wednesday was very short lived. Mum says the pup O'Reilly is just too much of a puppy still. Everything is a game, he can't take anything seriously. So me coming out was also a game and he scared the pellets outta me!

So now Mum wears him out and then when he's really tired she sits on the floor with him in front of my cage and tries to get him more used to me so he will learn to be calm around me.

Thanks guys for your encouragement!

04 September 2007


mum says it's time to let me run around the house again like i used to. she thinks O'Reilly is getting used to me enough that he can handle me being out. So tomorrow she is going to let me come out. i'm not so sure about it, but i know mum will protect me. i really want to run around again. i know Riena and Luther do too.

01 September 2007

easy like sunday...

and hot... I wish i had a pool like O'Reilly does! But I don't like getting wet!