30 December 2007

Partay likes it's 1899

Ok guyz sorry but since my Mum is gone in Tucson visiting her family and where i used to live i am having a hard time doing posts by myself. I confess, she does help me a little. So it's taken me a while but I finally figured it out and here I am ... back and crazy as ever!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

And we're gonna party crazy here at the kennels and warren since Mum is gone. no barkers - Big Dumb Puppy aka O'Reilly got to go wrestle with cactus in Tucson, Lakota is at Aunt Diane's and Betsy is with Aunt Janay's Mum and Dad for the holiday. So bunnies and bunny friendly critters have free roaming here!

Have a whatever you do for New Year's Eve! I hear Mum is going to play the Killer Bunnies card game! It's her favorite.

We will have extra hay, tons of yummy strawberry yogurt drops (my new favorite), fruits and nuts and i have lots of toys. We can even watch Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were - Rabbit!

24 December 2007

ending the cute war...

HANDS DOWN! Lakota Wins!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

munday bunday


...the cute wars continue...

23 December 2007

I dun wuz tagged

The other day The Fluffies over at Diva Kitty and the Fluffies and Winnie over at NC Bunny tagged us for a meme of 5 random things about me.

Finally I have a chance to do this and I suppose I'll let the other bunnies share some facts too!

But Me first!

Archi Ann:
1. I'm the cutest dutch bunny ever - yes this is a FACT not an opinion.
2. I don't like other bunnies!
3. I grunt and charge at people a lot but don't bite.
4. Well ok, I bit my Mum twice but only cuz she petted the neighbor dogs and i didn't like the smell.
5. I don't have a tail. I don't know why, i just don't


1. I am a Netherlands Dwarf bunny. I don't know what that means but that's what I am!
2. I have lost 2 husbuns to doggie accidents.
3. I like living outside but prefer the indoor life.
4. I like having house privileges and waking my mom up when she's in bed
5. Right now I have to live in my enclosure because of O'Reilly, or as Archi Ann calls him Big Dumb Puppy.

1. I'm the cutest dutch bunny ever.
2. Oops, Archi says I can be the cutest MALE dutch bunny ever
3. I like to snuggle and lick my Mom on the neck.
4. I want to be friends with Riena but she doesn't want to be friends with me.
5. I don't mind the dogs at all and let them sniff me and lick me.

Archi here again and I AM THE CUTEST DUTCH BUNNY EVER! Just to clarify that!

Thanks for tagging us. I will tag anyone who wants to play!

22 December 2007

Christmas Comes Early...

Well I'm not super happy about my blog getting taken over by the woofies again but I am happy about the news...

Betsy has a new Mom! Mum met her today and really likes her and she wants Betsy. She will take her after the holidays. She has another dog and likes to go camping and up to her cabin in the mountains. Betsy is going to have a very good life!

We are all very happy for her, though Mum and O'Reilly will miss her. The cool thing is she lives in the neighborhood so she will be close!

So tonight we celebrated and Mum let them have one of their Christmas presents early.

I will be back to blog my top 5 from DKM's tag tomorrow! But we did have to share this awesome news!

17 December 2007

munday bunday

Zinger may be a cute dutchie like me but i'm way cuter and smarter I'm sure!

Riena apparently disapproves of Munday Bunday.

12 December 2007

shh... don't tell Archi Ann

Riena here! I've commandeered the blog! I think Archi hogs all the fame and after she took off when I wasn't done commenting on the Bible fiasco I decided to figure out how to blog myself.

I don't really have much to say. I just wanted to say hi to everyone! Mom let me out to play and the doggies did real good. She kept me on her lap but he didn't try to catch me or anything! O'Reilly has really mellowed out with me, though Mom says he's still not ready for me to go mobile 24/7. I can't wait till he is though, I miss waking up Mom in the middle of the night hopping on the bed.

Well I better get outta here before Archi catches me!

10 December 2007

Monday Bunday...


Bun About Town

Hello there all my fur-riends and human bloggers too! My Mum told me about a tragic incident at the kennel/warren/chaos this weekend and being the concerned Bun that I am I wanted to get some opinions on it.

I'll save my opinion for last!

Here's the issue. Mum woke up Saturday to find her Bible, her friends copy of "Cesar's Way" by Cesar Millan and another friends' book cover all chewed up by the new foster puppy, Betsy. She knows it was Betsy cuz the other pups don't chew stuff like that but stick to their own stuff.

Mum says it's ok because Betsy is still learning how to live in a pack and in a house. Everything is new to her and she needs to learn what is ok and what isn't. So she's not upset at Betsy though she is very sad about losing a good chunk of the Bible her best friend gave her for her 30th birthday.

I wanted to find out what the Buns around thought about it - I'm not interviewing the dogs here because I'm sure they'd stand up for Betsy.

Riena, what do you think about this issue with Betsy chewing the Bible and other books?

Mphf - that's just silly, obviously she can't read so why would she try to chew a book? I smelled beef ribs cooking the other night so I'm sure she gets plenty of those!

And Zinger - as a Dutch bun like me, and naturally extremely intelligent, what is your take on this?

Oh my goodness, I can't eat! That's just ridiculous. I would never do that! Take away this bunny crack Mum - I can't even look at it. I've lost my appetite!

(mum wants me to note that Zinger STILL has not eaten the bunny crack)

As for me, Archi Ann, smartest animal in this family, I'm appalled! Granted, while mum had me in the house roaming free before Big Dumb Puppy (the first one O'Reilly) came, i never chewed a book! Well, okay, maybe i did, but only the spines, I would never ruin the insides. Well, sigh, I guess the covers were quite tasty too but never more than that! Well... sometimes, oh nevermind! At any rate I can't understand my Mum's attraction to those dumb dogs when they go and do stuff like this.

Hrumph, i'm disturbed. Excuse me I need to go away for awhile!

Hey Archi - where ya goin? is this camera still on? I'm not done...

What do YOU think?!

04 December 2007

03 December 2007

NOT Monday Bunday

Well since Mum is so distracted by the new foster doggie I can't do a Monday Bunday post because she hasn't taken time to take a new picture of ME or any of my warren mates!

I like this picture of Betsy, even though it's blurry, because it shows her face the way she really is - HAPPY. she's a very happy dog, not the sad faced pup in the other pics.

OH, if you live in Southern California and would love a German Shepherd/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix girl let us know - we're taking adoption applications! She's a great dog, very EASY compared to Big Dumb Puppy!