23 December 2007

I dun wuz tagged

The other day The Fluffies over at Diva Kitty and the Fluffies and Winnie over at NC Bunny tagged us for a meme of 5 random things about me.

Finally I have a chance to do this and I suppose I'll let the other bunnies share some facts too!

But Me first!

Archi Ann:
1. I'm the cutest dutch bunny ever - yes this is a FACT not an opinion.
2. I don't like other bunnies!
3. I grunt and charge at people a lot but don't bite.
4. Well ok, I bit my Mum twice but only cuz she petted the neighbor dogs and i didn't like the smell.
5. I don't have a tail. I don't know why, i just don't


1. I am a Netherlands Dwarf bunny. I don't know what that means but that's what I am!
2. I have lost 2 husbuns to doggie accidents.
3. I like living outside but prefer the indoor life.
4. I like having house privileges and waking my mom up when she's in bed
5. Right now I have to live in my enclosure because of O'Reilly, or as Archi Ann calls him Big Dumb Puppy.

1. I'm the cutest dutch bunny ever.
2. Oops, Archi says I can be the cutest MALE dutch bunny ever
3. I like to snuggle and lick my Mom on the neck.
4. I want to be friends with Riena but she doesn't want to be friends with me.
5. I don't mind the dogs at all and let them sniff me and lick me.

Archi here again and I AM THE CUTEST DUTCH BUNNY EVER! Just to clarify that!

Thanks for tagging us. I will tag anyone who wants to play!


RG said...

Sorry Zing, but we all are going with Archi A for cutest. You are just plain handsome. Enjoyed your "Facts"!

Pet and The Bengal Brats said...

They are all adorable...
We wish you and yours a Blessed Christmas!
hugs, and purrs..
Pet and The Bengal Brats!

Zinger said...

Thanks for the support Rabbits' Guy!

Merry Christmas to you Pet and kids :-)

Anonymous said...

How cute!!! It's good to know more about you all!