31 August 2007


Hey everybody - there's a new Sam update with VIDEO!

Sam's New Home

30 August 2007


Recently there was a very ill feral cat that had moved in to the rabbit den under my shed. I was able to flood it out and get it to animal control so they could help it. In the process I was also finally able to catch Luther and Riena so that they could come inside and be safe from the puppies who love to chase them (but wouldn't hurt them). Riena is actually very happy about the situation. Much like Archi, she seems quite content to be her house while I am working with O'Reilly to accept them into his pack. He's doing well too. He's more curious than anything and likes the rabbits.

He also still loves his pool and goes out in the morning to take a dip, then comes in for a nap!

24 August 2007

All in the Family...

O'Reilly loves his big sis Lakota

23 August 2007

Sam update

Hey Hey

Anders, adopted and named Sam, has a blog - for all you wondering how the little guy is doing - looks like he loves his new home! And he gets to play with kitties!

Sam's New Home

21 August 2007

last night...

This was from Anders' last night at Cassabaum Kennels... Monday night. I slept on the floor ... hahaha

A great new home!

He's a lucky pup :-) He's heading home with his new family in Northern California. It was great to have him for a month. He's a playful and silly pup. But before he left he gave me lots of kisses to say Thanks!

20 August 2007

a day at the dog tracks...

Anders is chasing O'Reilly.
It was fun to watch and they may be puppies but ...

Last night I let them sleep anywhere in the bedroom - but kept them in there so they wouldn't go outside and bug Riena and Luther. Anders slept right next to me with his head on my shoulder. It was so sweet!

19 August 2007

easy like sunday evening :-)

yes, i know the lyrics are "sunday MORNING" but we're late today!
just now getting to rest today!
We met Anders' possible new family. They loved him. They will probably take him home Tuesday. He will be very happy.

... yes, we will miss him, but that's part of the deal of being a foster mum, and i'm glad to have been able to be here for him.

17 August 2007

the joy of being a Foster Mum

Hey there little guy, why you looking so mopey? There's a really neat family driving down this weekend JUST TO MEET YOU!!! You might get a new Mom and Dad and a big sister person too! and they have kitties!

REALLY MOM?!! wow that is soooo cool. I can't wait to meet them! and kitties too? you know how i love the kitties - i sit at the fence and watch the ones in the neighbor's yard, i so want to play with them!

I can't wait to meet them!

16 August 2007

Hot August Nights

this one goes out to Neil Diamond!

13 August 2007

Fond Memories...

Two of my kids... I've been working on a photo album to remember my Oliver - he was such a great dog - and ran across this pic. I don't believe i ever posted it and it's quite adorable, great pic of what it's like at my house, cute animals just laying around, chillin'!

Monday Bunday

Thanks for the idea Fi - this cilantro is YUMMY

10 August 2007

wow - how did they know?!!!

I went to this site and checked out what my name would be... and i did not even have to check that i'm a bunny, yet they knew me well! I found it on AndrewBun's site

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Reverend Countess Archi Ann the Imposing of Goosnargh on the Carpet
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

comfy buns

yes, it's a VERY comfy pillow, sometimes i scoot all around my house in it. After all a bunnies "buns" should be comfortable :-)

06 August 2007

Monday Bunday

I'm good mum. as long as those dumb puppies are here i'm quite content in my little house.