15 December 2006

My Posse

this is archi ann - we all call her archi - she's the other house rabbit i live with. we don't get to play together because she isn't interested in other rabbits. i can relate to that! in fact the only reason i'm introducing you to the other animals i live with is because my human told me to.

speaking of my human i have to give her a little credit - i don't think she's too bright but now i understand why she makes me stay in the cage when the black dog is here. i think that dog wants to eat me.

07 December 2006

greener hay

darn she caught me this time... but i will sneak out when she isn't looking... i will i will i will

if the big dumb dogs know how to get thru this thing i certainly can

now my human is worried i'm going to get out and either fight with the outside rabbits (could anyone as cute as me get into a fight?!) or worse get lost ...

so she's barcoded me...

it's starting to feel very orwellian here... 1984 anyone?...

26 November 2006


to help me run drills and learn manuevers in training to be a part of Cinnamon's Army my human borrowed the Band of Brothers dvd set from a friend and learned all about combat.

then she worked me to the bone - drills, running, jumps, on and on and on and on and i'm just whooped

okay, so maybe i'm exaggerating a bit - she did watch the series over the Thanksgiving weekend and i did try a few things tho i don't think she realized i was taking notes... but i'm actually just pretty pooped from chewing thru the phone cord to her dsl line. she hadn't secured it because i left it alone for so long so i figured i'd show her! worked on it all night last night. tasted pretty good - kinda like chicken, oh no wait, i've never tasted chicken... tasted like radishes.

oh and even tho i chewed thru her cord when she got home from church today she brought me some cucumber. Thanks to Hugo and gang for that idea.

At first i confess i wasn't impressed, but once i started nibbling... man o man... i hear the outside bunnies aren't touching theirs so i gotta figure a way to sneak outside and steal it.

but first, i must finish my nap, followed by a little snooze time and then maybe i'll think about sneaking outside while i'm resting, draw up a plan, confer with Archi on tactics... nah, too much work...


21 November 2006

buddha reincarnated?...

This was FUN - i totally freaked my human out by hiding my arms... making her think i lost them in a lettuce farming incident or something. i thought she'd get all weird and try to catch me and make sure i was okay but all she did was chuckled and grabbed her camera.

she is very odd.

16 November 2006


this is a cool new thing - fresh clean laundry and my human doesn't get it put away very quickly... it's so soft and snuggly. of this, i do approve... oh, until she chased me off it.

09 November 2006

a small, furry army...

yes, Birdchick is right...
the disapproval is spreading...

cinnamon has called us, even the young ones like me...

Cinnamon's Army

07 November 2006


to quote my hero Cinnamon - I disapprove of this

i've been jailed. my human says it's because of another dog that is staying with us for a few days. i guess that dog chases bunnies. oliver and lakota are okay with bunnies but this dog jazz isn't.

so i'm stuck in my house for 3 days. and riena and luther, the outdoor bunnies, are in too - they actually got to be in my house cuz it's big and i'm in this small baby bunny house.

i protest!

well i guess it's only for a few days... i spose i can survive without my morning windsprints for a few days. sigh...

05 November 2006

my human was watching a movie and had something called popcorn - i was in my little house munching on alfalfa hay and she gave me a couple pieces. it was great stuff. she said i should only have a few pieces. yet she gave the dogs a big old pile so i hopped outta my house and forgot my fear of the vicious animals and joined in on the feast. boy they eat fast! but i got a few more pieces that way. turns out the dogs aren't so bad. the big brown dog oliver is pretty hyper around me but the other dog, lakota, is really mellow and nice. i'm getting used to them and they shared their popcorn with me so they can't be all that bad :-D

03 November 2006

Ron Puryear was RIGHT!

these self improvement books really do work! just a few bites of How to Win Friends and Influence People got my human bringing me snacks. Not only did she bring me lettuce this morning, which i LOVE but i even got a piece of guava fruit... now i need to figure out how to get some of that every day!

everybody should read these books!

30 October 2006

sleeping destroys braincells

Well my human doesn't sleep with her camera otherwise i'd have a picture for you

i had fun waking her up this morning - hopping around on the bed. but the dog she calls Oliver was not so impressed. i guess he's not a morning dog, he just kind of rolled over and grumbled.

what fun!

29 October 2006


i definitely approve of the freedom my human has given me. she secured the area around her computer so that i can run thru the house and she doesn't have to worry about me "accidentally" chewing thru her computer cords!

i love doing wind sprints thru the living room - it is a blast!

28 October 2006

oswald chambers

i approve of your reading material, it's really comfy