05 November 2006

my human was watching a movie and had something called popcorn - i was in my little house munching on alfalfa hay and she gave me a couple pieces. it was great stuff. she said i should only have a few pieces. yet she gave the dogs a big old pile so i hopped outta my house and forgot my fear of the vicious animals and joined in on the feast. boy they eat fast! but i got a few more pieces that way. turns out the dogs aren't so bad. the big brown dog oliver is pretty hyper around me but the other dog, lakota, is really mellow and nice. i'm getting used to them and they shared their popcorn with me so they can't be all that bad :-D


BunnyLuver said...

That is so cute!
So which came first, the dogs or the bunnies?
I want to get a dog so bad but I'm not sure if my bunnies would approve!