03 November 2006

Ron Puryear was RIGHT!

these self improvement books really do work! just a few bites of How to Win Friends and Influence People got my human bringing me snacks. Not only did she bring me lettuce this morning, which i LOVE but i even got a piece of guava fruit... now i need to figure out how to get some of that every day!

everybody should read these books!


BunnyLuver said...

One time my bunny Hugo chewed up my copy of HP and the Chamber of Secrets! And I hadn't finished reading it!!!
Now that is blasphemy!

Zinger said...

i've recently taken to chewing my human's first aide for dogs and cats book... i don't approve of books that are not about ME!
you wouldn't happen to have a copy of watership down you could loan me... shhhh don't tell my human!