30 May 2007

Dog Beach Day

My best friend Debbie and I got to take Oliver to Dog Beach today. I wanted to give him a good day and he seemed up for it. He loves playing with the dogs, chasing them and the water.

so we ran in the water...

he watched other dogs play ...

and ran to join in when he could...

but after a short bit he just needed a nap...
even if it was sitting up!

I'm glad he had a fun day today. He was good for prolly 30 mins total in some spurts and then once he was able to settle himself in the car he slept for the drive home. he had a good day, good memories.

28 May 2007


The Day I Brought Him Home
about 9 1/2 years ago

A Day In The Life...
when Lakota (rt) was just a pup and Popeye (lt) was still with us

he's not much more with me - praying God will take him so he doesn't suffer. his liver is not working, it is the explanation of last month's "fever of unknown origin". he has a little pep but sleeps mostly and doesn't eat.

23 May 2007

identity CRISIS

Archi Ann apparently approves of the dog food!!!

"Nutripet uses only highly digestible chicken meal, rice, and oatmeal with fruits and vegetables like peas, carrots, apples, and cranberries. "

Good stuffs :-) must really be packed with veggies and fruit for a disapproving rabbit like archi to approve... or she's been running around with my doggies so much that she thinks she is one! She must be taking a page from Tidbit's Identity Crisis

21 May 2007

mum wants a cat

Mum was at her friend's house friday night doing laundry and watching a movie. their cat raven was confined to inside because she had surgery on her tail to remove an abcess. She's usually a shy cat but was being very friendly because she wanted out!!!

Here's a picture of her burrowing in the middle of mum's wash. Tiny cuz its on a cell phone camera.

oh and the movie, flyboys, was awesome!

18 May 2007

Kesey tagged me!!!

Kesey of Riley and Tiki's website tagged me for 7 facts. And Mum told Archi Ann that she needs to start sharing her blogging privis with the rest of us so I get to tell you a little about me!

Archi already tagged our friends so I won't tag anyone new but if you want to play leave me a comment so I can come read about you!

Here are 7 things about me:

1. my mum rescued me from the doggie prison place when i was about 5 months old. she spent so much time with me the night before they let me go home with her that when she came to get me the next day i remembered her and ran to her with so much excitement. and she called to me and said "Hi there Oliver" and that's when i knew my name for the first time!

2. as you can see from my pictures i love the beach because i get to play with other dogs. when they are on my territory at home i don't like to play but at the beach i have a blast.

3. i have a sister, Lakota, and i didn't like her when mum first brought her home. but she's my best friend now.

4. i love walkies and if i haven't had one for a few days i will get my mum's attention and then go sit by the door and look up at my leash. and when we go or when mum first comes home i get so excited i jump real high and mum says i look like a kangaroo.

5. i have 3 rabbit sibs, 1 brother rabbit and 2 sister rabbits. they're afraid of me cuz i get excited sometimes but i really like them and when i'm calm they come up and sniff me

6. i love to run - it's my favorite thing. so mum got us a home with a HUGE yard. my sister is a Queensland Heeler mix so it's fun - i run and she herds me. sometimes when we run we scare the rabbits but we don't mean to and we're not chasing them.

7. i am not a morning dog and cookies are not a big deal to me. we get a cookie every morning after we feed the rabbits their veggies but i'm still not awake so sometimes it will be hours after my mum gives me a milkbone or peanut butter dog cookie from trader joes before i even eat it. so my mum has to put it up cuz my sister will steal it.

and that's 7 things about me. i hope you've had fun reading about me. thanks to all you for your prayers, purrayers, and nose bumps for me when i got sick last month. doctor lori and my doctor eaton still don't know why i was sick but i got better and that's what counts!


is not a morning dog!

11 May 2007

i've been tagged...

Hey Hey - Mrs. Sniffles tagged me :-) Here are the rules

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven bloggin buddies to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!"

7 Random Facts about archi ann

1. I was born in tucson arizona
2. My mum's sister was my first mum.
3. I was named archie after the archie comics because the white on my back looks like the outline of Jughead from the archie comics but didn't want to name me jughead.
4. My mum's sister named me archie thinking i was a boy - didn't realize i was a girl till my mum brought me to californa and took me to the vet to get 'tutored'. the vet said they should change my name to veronica but they like archi so we just dropped the e and added ann. i like it
5. I love popcorn - if my mum cooks some it doesn't matter where in the house i'm hidin' the smell brings me to my treat spot.
6. I have splayed front legs and my left leg doesn't really work at all... but i can still do a pretty fast bunny 500.
7. i like projects but my mum doesn't like some of the projects i like... such as carpet "fluffing", baseboard trimming, perfuming certain spots in the closet outside my litter box.

So now I tag puddy cat(byootaful life), sophia, hugo/mabel/bungee, hops, cocoa, dopey.

and i'm off to finish my latest project - reorganizing the covers on the couch...

finally! she understands me

well mum is finally learning a bit... she was up reading on house rabbit last night about how to help an agressive bunny and give the right kind of toys and things to keep me occupied. she read this:
Have you ever noticed that the minute you let him out of the cage in the morning, he races to the refrigerator or the couch to continue the redecorating job he left off yesterday? HRS fosterer Holly O'Meara has pointed out that many rabbits are project-oriented and are only interested in an activity if it is going to occupy their mind and body for quite some time. I imagine it must be very satisfying for a bunny to finally complete a major architectural or interior-decorating job with which he has been occupied for a period of days or weeks.

that's me to a tee and i'm glad she understands now that i'm just trying to do home improvement projects around here when i'm pulling up carpet, chewing on the doors and the like. so she doesn't have to worry about what i'm doing anymore.

now if you'll excuse me, i have to get back to fluffing the carpet.

07 May 2007

munday bunday


The cute black dog went home last night and Mum got my litter box and food dishes moved fast so i could be free again

ahhh it feels great! and i'm letting Mum pet me again - i get so agitated in the cage that i just grunt but when i'm out i am more relaxed.

03 May 2007

it's gotta be in here some where...

gosh darn it... i need to fix my pillow and i know i saw the needle earlier...

oh and yeah, i'm in the cage again, the black dog is back! it's only till sunday tho so it's ok. she's a nice dog.

02 May 2007

one of those days...

ever have one of those days when you just wanna rest and be cuddled?!!