21 May 2007

mum wants a cat

Mum was at her friend's house friday night doing laundry and watching a movie. their cat raven was confined to inside because she had surgery on her tail to remove an abcess. She's usually a shy cat but was being very friendly because she wanted out!!!

Here's a picture of her burrowing in the middle of mum's wash. Tiny cuz its on a cell phone camera.

oh and the movie, flyboys, was awesome!


DK & The Fluffies said...

Hay, she looks like me!

Anonymous said...

Aww what a cute kitty! I hope she is feeling better after the surgery. She is lucky to have a family who cares about her so much! :)

Zinger said...

hey katie - i just saw you did a little surgery on puddy - she's also blessed to have you :-)

but i can't post to your site - the math problem spam protection isn't showing but when i click post it gives an error asking me to fill out the required box for spam protection!!! i hope you see this or someone that has your email can let you know why you're not getting comments!