18 May 2007

Kesey tagged me!!!

Kesey of Riley and Tiki's website tagged me for 7 facts. And Mum told Archi Ann that she needs to start sharing her blogging privis with the rest of us so I get to tell you a little about me!

Archi already tagged our friends so I won't tag anyone new but if you want to play leave me a comment so I can come read about you!

Here are 7 things about me:

1. my mum rescued me from the doggie prison place when i was about 5 months old. she spent so much time with me the night before they let me go home with her that when she came to get me the next day i remembered her and ran to her with so much excitement. and she called to me and said "Hi there Oliver" and that's when i knew my name for the first time!

2. as you can see from my pictures i love the beach because i get to play with other dogs. when they are on my territory at home i don't like to play but at the beach i have a blast.

3. i have a sister, Lakota, and i didn't like her when mum first brought her home. but she's my best friend now.

4. i love walkies and if i haven't had one for a few days i will get my mum's attention and then go sit by the door and look up at my leash. and when we go or when mum first comes home i get so excited i jump real high and mum says i look like a kangaroo.

5. i have 3 rabbit sibs, 1 brother rabbit and 2 sister rabbits. they're afraid of me cuz i get excited sometimes but i really like them and when i'm calm they come up and sniff me

6. i love to run - it's my favorite thing. so mum got us a home with a HUGE yard. my sister is a Queensland Heeler mix so it's fun - i run and she herds me. sometimes when we run we scare the rabbits but we don't mean to and we're not chasing them.

7. i am not a morning dog and cookies are not a big deal to me. we get a cookie every morning after we feed the rabbits their veggies but i'm still not awake so sometimes it will be hours after my mum gives me a milkbone or peanut butter dog cookie from trader joes before i even eat it. so my mum has to put it up cuz my sister will steal it.

and that's 7 things about me. i hope you've had fun reading about me. thanks to all you for your prayers, purrayers, and nose bumps for me when i got sick last month. doctor lori and my doctor eaton still don't know why i was sick but i got better and that's what counts!