29 April 2007

joining diva kitty and others...

One Day Blog Silence

25 April 2007

thanks Stephen

Our neighbor Stephen gave the pups rib bones - and Ollie even took his and worked on it for a bit! That's a REALLY GOOD SIGN.

He had a really rough week but looks like he's gonna be okay :-)

i'm back!

Hey y'all - I have missed you but Mum says the internet was down.

Thanks to all for the prayers, purrayers, and nosebumps for my brother Ollie. Another vet gave him a different antibiotic on friday and that one is helping it seems. they still don't know what was wrong but his fevers are down. and he's eating, mostly just boiled chicken but mom was just able to get him to eat some Nutripet canned food - she's happy about that cuz he's getting really skinny - he had stopped eating the canned food the vet gave him. don't know why.

and i got the whole place to myself all weekend! Mum had to go on a business trip and her friend took care of the dogs so the WHOLE HOUSE WAS MINE!!! i won't tell you all the cool things i did, i'll get in trouble but i loved having the house to myself. i have to confess tho, as much as i pretend to not like people i did miss Mum and even the dogs and was happy when they were all back. of course now i wish they'd go away!!

19 April 2007

back home again

my good ol boy went back in to the hospital tonight and they put another bag of fluids in him. he seems like he's starting to get a little ahead of the curve, still running a fever but it's not spiking as bad. so i'm hopeful that we are going to see improvement soon! he ate a can of dog food - they sent me home with some cuz i couldn't get him to eat what i have. they said to mix it with his regular dry food. of course ollie, in true fashion, ate all the canned wet food licking it off the dry food and spitting that out!!! fortunately lakota cleaned up after him :-)

here's to him continuing to eat and drink and improve!

18 April 2007

ollie update

Thanks for checking in on my boy! He's back home and resting for the day. They added a 2nd antibiotic on the chance it might be a tick fever. They would have to send out for that test so we're starting the antibiotic. He did better in the hospital last night, even ate some. he came home energetic and thirsty so those are good signs.

The fever could spike again and they've left the catheter in to admin fluids right away if it does. I hope he doesn't have to go back in tonight.

Thanks for checking on him and praying for my guy.

17 April 2007


the vet just called - his temp was 106 point something when they got him from me so it was going up higher. they've got him back down but still don't know what and are running more tests

my Brother Oliver

this is my dog brother oliver - Ollie. He's a Rhodesian Ridgeback, queensland heeler (probably) all around good ol hound dog mix. He's a great dog. well he's been really sick and the doctors don't know why. his temp has been really high, and last night he spent the night in the hospital on IV fluids. but no infection, his bloodwork is fine. tonight mom had to take him back to the hospital because his temp spiked to 105.3, the highest yet. they put him on an IV right away.

please pray for him. and pray for my mom's friend Doctor Lori the vet that she can find what is causing his high temps and get him well fast.

we are all very worried. thanks.

16 April 2007

Monday Bunday


I didn't get to come out Saturday after all. Mom decided to go home to Tucson to visit her family so i got stuck in the cage for 2 more days. But today I got to be free and i'm loving it!!! And Riena and Luther are playing outside again.

Ain't life Grand?!

13 April 2007

fearless Friday

One more day and I'll be FREE ... Jazz goes home tomorrow. I can't wait, it's very difficult to take over the world when you are stuck in a cage... I don't understand how The Brain was able to escape all the time.

And now Mom is saying she wants another outside bun - I think she's insane - she wants one of these - more of a horse than a bunny. She wants to know if anyone knows how she can get one. She's heard they are very gentle and sweet animals. She thinks it would scare the hawks away haha
Well I can't wait until tomorrow! :-)

08 April 2007

Monday Bunday

not this again...
the black dog is here so we have to live in the cage.
archi ann too.
it's only for a week tho
nice to get some rest from being outside all the time.

05 April 2007


She has shut me out from behind the stereo where all the yummy roots are
no more chewing thru speaker wire
So I will hypnotize her with my laser gaze
until she lets me back in there

03 April 2007

is it getting warmer?...

Archi Ann apparently thinks so...

I used to think having a dog in the house shedding was bad... UGH!