25 April 2007

i'm back!

Hey y'all - I have missed you but Mum says the internet was down.

Thanks to all for the prayers, purrayers, and nosebumps for my brother Ollie. Another vet gave him a different antibiotic on friday and that one is helping it seems. they still don't know what was wrong but his fevers are down. and he's eating, mostly just boiled chicken but mom was just able to get him to eat some Nutripet canned food - she's happy about that cuz he's getting really skinny - he had stopped eating the canned food the vet gave him. don't know why.

and i got the whole place to myself all weekend! Mum had to go on a business trip and her friend took care of the dogs so the WHOLE HOUSE WAS MINE!!! i won't tell you all the cool things i did, i'll get in trouble but i loved having the house to myself. i have to confess tho, as much as i pretend to not like people i did miss Mum and even the dogs and was happy when they were all back. of course now i wish they'd go away!!


DK & The Fluffies said...

Hay Sweet Pea!