28 January 2008

later that same day...

munday bunday

Rain, Rain on my face
Hasn't stopped raining for days
This world is a flood
Slowly I've become one with the mud...

25 January 2008

Betsy Update

Hey there! Mum wanted to share some pictures of Betsy with you. She just went to visit her tonight and give her the neat toy and treat that Sam sent her for Christmas. I told her I'd post them on my site so you all could see them!

So here's Betsy with her Mom and her new toy and her sister Sadie. She is VERY HAPPY in her forever home. Mum said she was going nuts wiggling and jumping and so excited when Mum visited. It was lots of fun.

21 January 2008

munday bunday

Spider Bun, Spider Bun
Does whatever a spider done
Climbs the wall, just for fun
Does it cuz she's Spider Bun
Look Out! here she comes

13 January 2008

munday bunday

Zinger and Goliath

well, his name is really Peter but geez! i didn't know they grew bunnies this big ...

scary... i may want to move back inside where it's safe from such ginormous creatures...

09 January 2008

Wednesday's Word ...


Lots of Hay! Orchard and Timothy Hay...

And 50 lbs of Timothy pellets!

Mum loves her Honda.

I love Timothy Hay!

Now, if she could only get parsley and cilantro by the bale...

08 January 2008

litter boxes

At Rabbits' Guy's request I took some pictures of what I've used to keep certain rabbits from digging in their litter boxes. Archi Ann was the WORST at digging but Riena does a fair share herself.

I use white vinyl shelving because it's easy on them and doesn't look too bad. I got scraps from a friend who was tossing it. Cut it up with bolt cutters to fit your litter box. I work with the form so that there aren't any sharp edges - like cutting after a crossbar and putting the cut end on the front of the box because my rabbits tend to sit at the back of the litter box.

In this pic I had found some different, lighter vinyl shelving. I like it best. but the shelf above fit nice and tight in the box.

For this shelf the bunnies tend to pull it off so I drilled a couple holes in the front of the box and used zip ties to wrap and hold it.
When I first started this i had to stack the litter above the height of the shelf so they use it. You know how bunnies are - they HATE change... they seemed to need to feel the litter. But once they got used to it I could use less litter. I use Yesterday's News because it's easy to clean, you don't have to use much at a time, it doesn't stink and doesn't cost much from PetSmart.

And here is the latest on the "non-bonding" of Riena and Zinger

07 January 2008

Munday Bunday

and Mum's at it again...

It's a little wet around here - rained all weekend. But I love it - even though I can go in my hutch I love sitting under the eaves and watching the rain and playing in it!

Saturday while I was hanging out I watched Mum working on the shed, putting up tarps and cleaning out the garage and pulling out all her bunny stuff... I wasn't sure what was going on...

but then it happened! A car pulled in and cages came out and bunnies, big white bunnies! BIG WHITE BUNNIES!!!

Mum says they're fosters - a woman was having to move and needed a temporary home for her rabbits while she got resettled. So they are living in the carport. They are New Zealand bunnies.

The bonded pair are Peter and Snowflake. The other bunny is Holly.

Mum is really proud of how calm O'Reilly is being around them.

They are really sweet bunnies. They will be here for the month I guess.

04 January 2008

Happy New Year!

And as you can see, Big Dumb Puppy is back! Mum got home REALLY LATE Tuesday. Which was good, gave me time to clean up after the big New Year's Eve Bash. Apparently Katie told my Mum she'd check in on us and make sure we were behaving. I was able to bribe her by promising some cool new nail color shades! Whew! Mum was home late enough that I was able to clean up and she was none the wiser.

But she's been hogging the computer again making it hard for me to post! She said she's going to post pictures from O'Reilly's trip to visit the family in Tucson but I told her it HAD to be on her site! I can't believe he got cactus in him. I never had that problem when i was there!

Happy New Year everyone!