18 May 2008

saying goodbye

before you flame me for trying to get a bunny and a dog to live together in harmony... remember that i did it just fine for many years...

but today that ended...i awoke to find that Archi had died, at the "paw" of O'Reilly. He just isn't wired like Lakota is and Oliver was, to cohabitate with other critters. He had been doing fine for a month or so, but part of that was due to the fact that he had an injury keeping him from feeling great.

made me miss Oliver again today... and i'm REALLY missing Archi. This is hard.

this site will remain up as it is, a tribute to my best bun, Archi Ann, unique in all the world. she was soooo cool, all attitude and character.

i will continue any animal and personal postings at my blog, Archi's Mum (please update your bookmarks).

Ollie and Archi Ann (Lakota too but not in the pic) having popcorn together on "Movie Night"

i used to call this the "Family Pic" they really did all get along so well

Archi chillin' with Alex

Lakota wasn't quite sure when Archi first moved in... but they became buds...

"Move it Lakota, I want to sit under the cool air too!"

"Thanks for being my friend guys, I'll miss you all."

see you in heaven
guardian - swing, swang, swung

it's hard to say goodbye my friend but this waiting can't last forever
sooner or later the sun must set ending this time together

i wish that i had one more chance to spend another day with you
and even though i know i can't i'll see you in heaven
still i wish that i had one more chance to say i love you one more time
and even though i know i can't i'll say it in heaven

To Jo and Captain Rupert - Thank you for the beautiful painting that includes Archi, with perfect front legs, playing "Kiss Chase" with the squirrels... it's like a picture of her in heaven and will now be for me, a lasting treasure of memory...

Thank you ALL for your friendship over the blogs for so long. It's a fun thing and I have appreciated you all in so many ways. Thanks for the prayers, "purrayers," nose bumps, etc... this is REALLY HARD for me ... archi was a great friend.

i don't have a decision on my other two buns, chances are I will make the outdoor enclosure bulletproof and let them stay there. i'm torn but i still think they will have a better life here, semi enclosed, then they would some places. but my hopes for having a house rabbit again have vanished because O'Reilly has crossed the line.

11 May 2008

munday bunday

bunny doppelganger
look out world, there's TWO of me!!


06 May 2008

wednesday's word

... MANIA ...
as in the Ramones

That's the horrible noise Mum was playing when she worked on the rabbit garden Sunday. I guess when she ditches church to work on the yard she starts listening to weird music!

I guess none of my bunny and kitty and doggie friends have Mums that torture them with 70s punk music when they're working around the yard. You're so lucky... and what's worse... she has MORE of it, not just that one album! that one is just her favorite!

04 May 2008

munday bunday

Mum didn't get an "easy like Sunday morning..."

Instead she worked hard on the bun enclosure for Zinger and Riena! Yippee!

It turns out Big Dumb Puppy is actually good for something

Lakota also helped... she supervised! Good girl!

BDP thinks the digging is hard work!

But when he sees new dirt he wants to dig more...

... until he finally admits he's just dog tired!

Mum bought great plants - rosemary, cilantro, mint, and yes, Fiona, BASIL!
She also put more grass down.
She told me even though I'm not going to live out there
she will make sure I get lots of the plants.

After she puts a fence up she's going to line the outside of the enclosure
with tomato plants for shade.

While mum was working hard I was inside being tortured by this stuff she was playing.
She called it music.
I didn't get it at all... then I heard words saying, Mama's Boy! and I thought maybe it was a song about O'Reilly. But I gotta tell you I totally related more to this one song where I kept hearing the guy say, "My brain is hanging upside down" because that's totally how I felt hearing it! And all I could think after that was, "Mister programmer, I've got my hammer, gonna smash my smash my radio." Oh wait, I think I heard that coming from the music too.

Weird stuff!

Anyone know what band and album it is?... there might be a cool prize in it for you...
(no googling ... ;-p)

03 May 2008

easy like Sunday morning...

or is it really just...
BORED BEYOND BELIEF... the beginning of what causes the bun harassment!

"Sigh... Mum when are you gonna be done with work so we can go walk and to dog park?!"

29 April 2008

Avoiding Big Dumb Puppy 101

STEP 1: Get MUM to make some cool tunnels out of her product boxes from her store. We can hide in the tunnels:STEP 2: Peek out the holes to see if that dumb puppy is gone:

STEP 3: SLOWLY creep out once you know the dumb puppy is not around anymore:

pellet refill please...

It's Tuesday morning... mum filled my pellets Saturday night and i'm just now needing more... MUM!!! Of course, she has filled them up again and gave me fresh, hay free water... and wishes she had gotten video of me grunting and charging at her while she did it.
Have a chillaxin' day ... it's sposed to be cooler today, only into the 80s - was 100 yesterday!

27 April 2008

munday bunday

The pellet comparison...

These pictures were taken 24 hours AFTER the previous post...

Riena and Zinger have a new scoop of pellets. And they're already digging in.

Where as here is Archi Ann with the same scoop from last night. She's nibbled a bit but man, as you can see, it's just too hot to care! And besides, she's been munching on the nice timothy and orchard grasses.