04 May 2008

munday bunday

Mum didn't get an "easy like Sunday morning..."

Instead she worked hard on the bun enclosure for Zinger and Riena! Yippee!

It turns out Big Dumb Puppy is actually good for something

Lakota also helped... she supervised! Good girl!

BDP thinks the digging is hard work!

But when he sees new dirt he wants to dig more...

... until he finally admits he's just dog tired!

Mum bought great plants - rosemary, cilantro, mint, and yes, Fiona, BASIL!
She also put more grass down.
She told me even though I'm not going to live out there
she will make sure I get lots of the plants.

After she puts a fence up she's going to line the outside of the enclosure
with tomato plants for shade.

While mum was working hard I was inside being tortured by this stuff she was playing.
She called it music.
I didn't get it at all... then I heard words saying, Mama's Boy! and I thought maybe it was a song about O'Reilly. But I gotta tell you I totally related more to this one song where I kept hearing the guy say, "My brain is hanging upside down" because that's totally how I felt hearing it! And all I could think after that was, "Mister programmer, I've got my hammer, gonna smash my smash my radio." Oh wait, I think I heard that coming from the music too.

Weird stuff!

Anyone know what band and album it is?... there might be a cool prize in it for you...
(no googling ... ;-p)


Anonymous said...

Nice work! That looks awesome! About time those dogs helped out the bunnies! :D

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness about the Basil! We have no clue on the music.

The Bunns said...

We don't know that song or group .. it is not the blind Italian, that is who we mostly hear.

Listen Archi ... it wuld be good for you to show a little LOVE to yur Mum now and again. She is sure doing a bang up job there and you are going to have some good eats too! It's a big job to be slave to so many animals, especially BDP and friend.

Of course you have an image to uphold, but it won't hurt to be a softy now and again!

Good luck.

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Hey Archi, what a great garden she is growing for you. Could it be Smashing Pumpkins or Radio Head she do that song, a wild guess......oh and thanks to your mum for popping over to our blog (well not really ours we have to share) but the roses on it had some color saturation treatment through iPhoto......
-Tyler and Sydney Spot

L.Bo Marie said...

lol, ooooh, we want an enclosure!!! enough of the leash... give us freedom!

As for 'Touf's ears... yeah, 'shpeshally when you take into consideration those are a pair of jeans 'Touf is laying on! I really need to get a picture that shows how big he is... somehow...

Deb Cushman said...

Well, that certainly got BDP off the chair! There's lots going on at Archi's place. Bet you can't wait to get at those plants. (Oh, and Lakota did a fine job of supervising, too!)

Christine said...

Wow, what a fab job!! Maybe the doggies are good for something after all. Oh, we don't know the song, either, sorry.

That's a great picture of you, by the way. So cute!

Sames Blogs said...

Hey now!!! Us big four paws are good for a lot of stuff. I bet YOUR dog makes sure someone doesnt come into the yard and take you from your mommy! And I bet he keeps those furry kitties from coming after you too! You should thank your protection doggies.
My brother loves to dig. I just like watching daddy dig. It is so cool when he acts like a dog!
Sasha- The Princess

Anonymous said...

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