28 February 2007

Where is she now...

Thanks to Messy Cucumber Boy Hugo, Mabel and Bungee's mum for asking about Bilbo. For those of you wondering how this cute little furry furry creature is doing -

I don't have any new pics. But the woman who adopted Bilbo is studying to be a vet from what i understand and has lots of animals including training search and rescue dogs. A real animal lover. And she was wanting a brown lop eared bunny. She loved little Bilbo from the getgo. My friend who knows her says Bilbo is doing great and enjoying her new digs. She's the only bunny there and does get some free range privileges.

So thank you for asking - I felt really good about the woman taking her and she's doing well! I do miss her some but have my hands full already. Archi is loving her freedom too - I wish I had realized a few years ago that I could let her run around but am glad I at least know now!

carri ann
aka archi's mum

13 February 2007

'round 'round get around i get around...

I get around pretty good, in spite of my funky front legs. I fell outta my cage when I was a baby bun and they've been like this ever since. My mom said I look like I'm doing the breast stroke when I walk. Last fall I fell off my shelf and now my left leg points backwards, it doesn't really work at all anymore. i make up for it with my bunnitude. i have to act tough around other bunnies so they don't know i'm not as fast, that's why i don't get along with them. i can do wind sprints and binkies. and i'm really enjoying being outta my house all the time. this morning i even woke up my mom - standing on my back legs and sniffing her face as she slept. i've never done that before. i just am really liking getting to run around and even am getting to like the dogs. i'm glad my mom found a good home for bilbo so that i could come out.

my name is archi because my mom's sister who had me when i was a baby thought i was a boy and because where the white meets brown on my back she said looks like Jughead from the Archie comics but she didn't want to name me Jughead so she named me archie. so my mom kept it - i like my name - it's very unique for a girl.

11 February 2007

popcorn time

well i heard bilbo rave about movie nites and the popcorn... but i am not sure about the dogs, i've lived here for years but just don't trust them...

oliver especially worries me but my mom tells me he's very nice... and he is letting me eat the popcorn here...

yeah, i guess he's all right ... he's sharing with me

boy i know my mom misses bilbo but even tho i'm handicapped with my splayed front legs and useless left leg i am really enjoying getting to be out of my big house. this is nice

06 February 2007

buhbye all my friends

well gosh, i guess it's time to say goodbye. i'm moving to a new home. my human kind of drives me nuts and i'm not really thrilled with the dogs (except when they share their popcorn of course). my human found me a home with another human where i'll be the only bunny and can take over the world :-) i can't wait.

i will miss all you my friends but i guess it looks like archi has already moved into my room here in the blogsphere. so she will be keeping you all up to date with her antics and those of the other critters.

see ya,