24 February 2008

easy like sunday


18 February 2008

Munday Bunday

no this is not a bunny but mum thinks he's really cute - i just don't see it

This is Clara, a bun that Aunt Janay is fostering for the same lady that brought mum the three big white buns. Aunt Janay is outta town so she came here for the week.

yes i'm grumpy, more rain is coming and mum says she won't clean out my enclosure until after the rains so she can plant stuff. i think it's an excuse. and she picked me up this morning in spite of the grunting i put up. why do humans think they need to pick us up and pet us? of course the petting massage was kind of nice but you didn't hear that from me

16 February 2008

Saturday Foster Update

Well today was the chore day for Mum, cleaning out the foster bun areas is a Saturday morning activity! Mum has to wear a mask because of her allergies and she looks really funny but I didn't get any pictures of her!

This is Snowflake, she's bonded to Peter.

Peter has a bigger head, almost looks more like a hare head than a bunny head and his BIG EARS! He's the one eating at the bowl.

Here's Peter and Snowflake romping while Mum was cleaning out their enclosure. Snowflake has her back to the camera.

Here are a couple of pictures of Holly romping while Mum cleaned her pen. She's a sweet bun, the smallest of the three.

So that's a little update on the Foster Bunnies.

Sorry I haven't been blogging much. Mum started working out and she says she's too tired to have me in the house blogging at night when she wants to go to bed. Sigh...

10 February 2008

Munday Bunday

Just chillin' with my pathetic little basil plant
can't wait till it warms up more and mum can plant stuff again

06 February 2008


So I thought this was a great picture to show you how I got my name. My Mum's little sister adopted me when i was just a furry baby bun. They all thought I was a boy. Risti saw the white against brown sillouette and thought it made the shape of Jughead from the Archie comics. See the tip of his hair outline on the top left and then the face and nose. But she kindly did not want to name me Jughead (thanks Risti) so she named me Archie.

But alas, when my Mum adopted me from Risti and brought me to California from Tucson and took me to the vet for a little *ahem* surgery, they said "You should have named her Veronica!" Mum thought (and I agreed) that Archi was still a good name and she just added Ann. I like it pretty much.

Her Mum now says, "I don't know what you do out there in California but when we gave you that bunny it was a boy!"

humans. weird!

oh and notice by how bright it is around... it's SUNNY again! even warm! i hope it stays

03 February 2008

another storm?!!

Hey blog friends. Sorry it's been so long, Mum gave some lame excuse like end of month work and stuff but i think she's just hogging the computer. I think it's high time she got me my own computer!

The rains stopped for a couple days then started back up this weekend and today it just POURED! crazy!

Well, Jan over at Jan's Funny Farm tagged me for a meme - sorry it's taken so long Jan -

This meme was created by all of the kitties at Petspix. Here are the rules:

You have to post who tagged you and link back to them and then to Petspix. Then you have to tag 3 other kitties, beans, woofies, or any other assorted animal.

What three things would you do that you have never done before, if you knew you wouldn't get caught, get in trouble, or suffer any consequences?

Well I think the first thing I'd do is sneak into the house and do something horrible that Mum could only blame on Big Dumb Puppy. Something that I'm sure would get him kicked out of the house forever.

Then I'd hop in the house when Mum was coming in and out of my enclosure and I'd sneak in the bedroom and open Riena and Zinger's enclosures so they could hop out...

Then we'd surround the computer while she wasn't expecting us and take over the house! We'd have to do it in a way that she still works so she can buy us treats and stuff, but it's high time the buns took over instead of the barkers!

It's about time...

gee i hope she doesn't read my blog...

I tag, if they'd like to do it, Katie and Puddy, Lola the Lovely Lop, and any bun that wants to at House of Rabbits