31 March 2008

better than a monday bunday...

Hey Gang! Sorry I missed my Monday Bunday post. But we have good news!

Mum found a home for Abbey. A nice couple who have a girl dog that wants a playmate! There was a little growling at first but Roxie likes Abbey. In fact Abbey got a little frightened by some dogs next door to them and walked away when they were barking. They said Roxie ran over to her and "brought" her back! She's been there since Saturday afternoon.

We are still open to take her back if it doesn't work out but it sounds like it's going to!

Binkies for Abbey and her new Mum and Dad and new best forever friend Roxie!

Here's a picture from Abbey swimming last week when Mum, Abbey, O'Reilly and Lakota went on a walk!

27 March 2008

in defense of the bath...

Ok I know, I'm just horrible, bathing a bun and all! Archi's front arms don't work so good and she was quite dirty! But she definitely does not approve!

Here's my defense. Everything in her enclosure died, except the dirt! So now I'm tearing it up and going to replant. I need to plant plenty of Basil, Cilantro and all kinds of other yummy stuff, plus grass to relax on! Unfortunately for her it'll probably take about a month. I'll add more dirt and plant this weekend but i want the plants to take solid root and get big before I move her back in.

Here is O'Reilly helping clean up some of the bunny poo - he's so helpful!

And I think what I'm going to have to do here is cut the front off the hutch. She took to doing all her potty stuff in the front portion on the dirt and I couldn't get in there and clean it out. The hutch was hooked to the fencing keeping me from pulling it up to clean it out. I was quite concerned but have not wanted to bring her back inside with the pup. If I had it my way she'd live in the house. Today I opened her cage door so she could hop out but O'Reilly just won't leave her alone. Sigh...
and archi approves of the redo'ing her enclosure part of this message, not the bath part or the part about this probably taking a month allowing time for the plants to take solid root.

25 March 2008

Don't EVEN Start with Me...

Fiona, I know I'm not a Meezer Bun like you but could you do a rule about no water torture for buns, or as Mum calls it, a bath.

First she takes me out of my home, then bathes me, then clips my nails, then puts me in the cage for the night.

Now she says it's cuz she's gonna clean out and plant my place with new BASIL and MINT and all kinds of nice grass, but sheesh. She said I'd like the dirt washed off, but I liked the dirt!

24 March 2008

munday bunday

here we have riena and zinger enjoying a nice chillaxin' monday...

until a vishus bear looking creature came and startled them outta their cuddle time

23 March 2008

easy like Easter sunday...

Happy Easter to y'all and to my believing friends ... He is RISEN INDEED! Mum has kept a close eye on all us buns this week to make sure we don't go mugging little kids for their Easter baskets like Giacomo did...

Mum hasn't let me blog for a while and I've missed reading everyone's posts. I'll get back to that today. She has been hogging the computer doing work and taxes and everytime i'd bug her to move over she'd mumble something about being "busy with matters of consequence." me thinks she needs to reread The Little Prince

Anyway, the OTHER thing mum did was went and took in another barker that needs a home. this one wandered into her friend's yard one sunday several weeks ago. her friend looked for her family but they think she was actually abandoned in the neighborhood. no one recognized her. so after no one claimed her mums friend was going to keep her but she doesn't get along with female dogs very well so she and Jazz, mum's friend's dog, don't get along.

so now she's here till mum can find her a good home. her friend named her Abbey. she is a good pup, and appears to have had a very abusive past from her reactions. so we are happy to have her and help her.

but it's been crazy around here too because of it. mum took the dogs to the wash to play in the water yesterday and Abbey seemed to panic and ran back to the car like she didn't want to be left. mum has to keep her and lakota pretty separated so they don't growl at each other and fight. we hope to find a good home for her soon. she is a very good dog.

11 March 2008

Sam has a Sister!!!

Hey guys! Remember Sam, O'Reilly's brother that Mum fostered? Well he's been doing great and just got a NEW SISTER!!! They rescued her from a really bad situation! Poor Sam was on the euth list at the pound and then this dog had a rough life so they saved two lives! Pretty cool!

Sam's link is on my warren list but here it is so you can go RIGHT NOW!

Sam and Foxy's Home

08 March 2008

06 March 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Ode to Michael Vick
Thirteen pictures
by O'Reilly Cassabaum
with thanks to Aunt Janay for the new toy!


Chewing is tiring work!

Notice the bunny APPROVES of this ...

04 March 2008

We interrupt your regularly scheduled digging...

Some approval...
...of each other! I'm so happy! It was a rough couple of days of Riena sitting on one side of the enclosure and Luther in that little corner where you see them both crammed now... until I just walked into the room tonight and there they were. Ahhhh, I can rest easy now, they have each other and they're happy!

03 March 2008

Munday Bunday

Digging to Australia is thirsty work!

02 March 2008

easy like sunday...

Digging to Australia...

Well sorry I've not blogged lately. Been kinda busy. You see I believe I still owe Katie some nail polish for not telling Mum about my party when she was in Tucson... and since she's growing her nails now I wanted to get it to her.

I've always heard if you dig deep enough you'll get to China but that doesn't make sense, since Australia is down under it seems like that is where you would end up. So I've been trying to dig to Katie's house. It's tiring, especially with my floppy legs. But I've been working hard at it. Mum is impressed but she keeps saying something about how i won't get out because of Chicken Wire... what do chickens have to do with my digging?

Anyway, since it's Sunday and Mum is sposed to be at church I thought I'd catch up on my blogging and visit my friends. I need a break from all the hard work!