11 March 2008

Sam has a Sister!!!

Hey guys! Remember Sam, O'Reilly's brother that Mum fostered? Well he's been doing great and just got a NEW SISTER!!! They rescued her from a really bad situation! Poor Sam was on the euth list at the pound and then this dog had a rough life so they saved two lives! Pretty cool!

Sam's link is on my warren list but here it is so you can go RIGHT NOW!

Sam and Foxy's Home


The Fluffy Tribe said...

we luv stories like that with a happy ending ~The Fluffy TRibe

Christine said...

Ooh! Cheers and congratulations from one Sam to another on a new forever friend! BINKY-BINKY!!

The Bunns said...

Good reporting AA. We like a Happy Story!

The Cat Realm said...

Wonderful news! We always love to hear news like this!!!
Don't forget to check out our blog during the next 5 days - we are on a St.Patrick's Day adventure in Ireland!!!
Karl, Emil and Mrs. OZ

Deb Cushman said...

We loved the pictures of Sam and Foxy! They looked like they were happy siblings. So glad they found each other (and their wonderful humans!)

Pet and The Bengal Brats said...

Yeah! Foxy and Sam look to make a fine set!

I noticed the dog sized hole with the dog resting in it..is remarkably like the ones Im finding all over ......
The folks that we adopted Loli from, assured us she doesnt dig or bark..
They lied..