27 March 2007


clyde was the bun that started it all for me and none of you have met him - i miss him so i thought i'd put up a post. He was a mini broken rex - belonged to the son of my best friend. i took care of him while he couldn't. he was the first rabbit i ever had. tho he wasn't mine i took care of him as tho he were. all my other rabbits came after him.

for some reason lakota took an instant attachment to him - it was really cool. she would follow him around the yard when he was out, if he stopped to nibble she would lay down beside him. it was as if she was letting him know it was safe to be outside. this was back when i would bring the buns in at night. but they got to liking being out so much that even clyde wouldn't let me catch him anymore! and he loved to be held and cuddled - my friend had hand raised him inside.

at the time the neighbors up front had a pit bull. (miserable dog) that dog would just go nuts at the fence growling and barking whenever clyde and riena were on that side of the yard. lakota took to sitting in between the fence and clyde as if to tell the dog if you want him you have to go thru me.

the name Lakota means Friend in Sioux ... it sure fits her!

clyde is gone, as are the neighbors with the horrible dog (that's saying a lot - rarely do i meet a dog i don't like).

the new neighbors also have a dog - but he's much cooler ... his name is Jack - very original!

25 March 2007

Monday Bunday?

"Hey Guys! Where am I sposed to sleep?!"

Since it's Monday Bunday I thought a picture of the pups would be appropriate... mainly because Oliver is feeling a little slighted by all the attention Archi has been getting lately. So I've commandeered her website!

Ollie is also frustrated because Archi has taken to pre-emptive strikes. She now grunts and charges at him when he's just minding his own business (which is always because he's quite scared of her due to her grunting and charging!). I understand a pre-emptive strike when dealing with a country like Iran but in this case Oliver is like Switzerland. Archi is just being insane!

21 March 2007

Make Mine Chocolate

Easter is just a couple of weeks away and I realize to, in this blog, tell people not to buy a bunny that they won't keep is like preaching to the choir so I'm not going to take the time :-)

But I do want to share a way to share some yummy chocolate bunnies and get the word out to help those buns that are abandoned when they realize that a bunny is a committment!

The local rescue here in Southern California - The Bunny Bunch- has a deal where you can buy a chocolate bun in a collectible tin and the proceeds help pay for rescue efforts. The Bunny Bunch are the folks that helped me find Luther, who has been a blessing to me and Riena. He's named after one of my hero's Martin Luther, the reformer who changed the world for Christians (which is what easter is all about anyway... the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, not bunnies :-) )

So if you're looking for a cool way to get a chocolate bunny for someone for Easter, and donate to helping rabbits this is a great opportunity!


20 March 2007

bunny spelunking

so Hugo, Bungie, and Mabel's mum asked if these cute little outdoor critters dig warrens...

well, they are domesticated american rabbits ... so they've kind of forgotten what they were created for and gotten pretty lazy...

but the dogs, when i first moved in here in 2000, dug a den under the shed. and when luther came to live with us he began tunneling beyond the den

here's the doggie entrance:

and around the corner... the bunny emergency exit:
(wouldn't you say Ollie makes a good spokesmodel for these pictures!)

in the back of the den there are the tunnels:

riena, inspecting luther's work

19 March 2007

Monday Bunday

Luther "Maybe if we keep our eyes closed and hide our faces she won't be able to see us"
Riena "But what if she has those yummy baby carrots. you know i really love those dear"

15 March 2007

Finally, she's off the computer

i've just been laying around here impatiently waiting for my mom to get off the computer so I CAN BLOG! mom decided since i'm so cool that i can blog she should be able to as well. sigh... now it's gonna be even harder to get her off the computer than it was before when it was just because she was "working" that she wouldn't let me use the computer!

but at least she named her new blog with the right focus... it's called archi's mum

08 March 2007


this is wonderful, but where's my Moscato?!!

06 March 2007

good greens and tree climbin'

I'd say mom did a great job - lots of parsley and mustard greens and romaine... i definitely approve of her shopping trip last night!

oh and mom says you shouldn't worry about that cord you see back there - it's safely covered in Critter Cord and i can't stand the taste of the stuff unlike Bilbo who gobbled it up!

mom then went outside to feed Luther and Riena. Apparently they weren't as interested in the new greens. Luther took to his new hobby, tree climbing. I think he got the idea from seeing this Silly Wabbit

mom came home the other day and riena was under the tree but Luther wasn't around - then he came flying outta the little tree - he was about 3 feet up.

This morning he started up in the tree, looking for munchies, but then a truck noise scared him so he didn't go up any higher.

if you click on the pic you'll get a larger view

05 March 2007

Monday Bunday

Thanks to Diva Kitty and the Fluffies for the Monday Bunday reminder

Here's a picture of me from this morning - I call it "I'm too sexy for my carrot"

This morning i got a baby carrot and lots of romaine. i also get lots of timothy hay tho my mom doesn't order me oxbow. but she does get me oxbow kibble and it's awesome. mom needs to go to the store to get my celery and then some other goodies

Oh and mom changed my living arrangements - i love it - no more prison bars!

However i guess i'm driving her a little nuts cuz when i'm eating i kind of forget that i'm going potty at the same time and i don't use my box. I use it all the time i just forget when i'm eating.

Today she even moved the food against the wall (because lakota keeps stealing it) and the box next to it and i still forget. she knows i'm trying my hardest.