26 November 2006


to help me run drills and learn manuevers in training to be a part of Cinnamon's Army my human borrowed the Band of Brothers dvd set from a friend and learned all about combat.

then she worked me to the bone - drills, running, jumps, on and on and on and on and i'm just whooped

okay, so maybe i'm exaggerating a bit - she did watch the series over the Thanksgiving weekend and i did try a few things tho i don't think she realized i was taking notes... but i'm actually just pretty pooped from chewing thru the phone cord to her dsl line. she hadn't secured it because i left it alone for so long so i figured i'd show her! worked on it all night last night. tasted pretty good - kinda like chicken, oh no wait, i've never tasted chicken... tasted like radishes.

oh and even tho i chewed thru her cord when she got home from church today she brought me some cucumber. Thanks to Hugo and gang for that idea.

At first i confess i wasn't impressed, but once i started nibbling... man o man... i hear the outside bunnies aren't touching theirs so i gotta figure a way to sneak outside and steal it.

but first, i must finish my nap, followed by a little snooze time and then maybe i'll think about sneaking outside while i'm resting, draw up a plan, confer with Archi on tactics... nah, too much work...



Anonymous said...

Cords good... Bananas better!

BunnyLuver said...

Hey Bilbo-
Get your human to cut the cucumbers lengthwise into spears...Not sliced into circles. Once my humans started doing that, I can't ever resist another cuck!!!