19 October 2007

Beware of Disapproving Rabbit

This post is dedicated to Cinnamon in honor of her book, out in stores now.

Thanks for watching over us, and disapproving, Cin!


lgf said...

ordered my book today thru partner Barnes & Noble (got my Jungle Book too)

Karen Jo said...

That sounds like a really interesting book.

BunnyLuver said...

I got my book yesterday. Too bad none of my trio made the cut :(
But the book is still cool!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got it Lisa - I've got 4 pages!

Karen Jo - you need to get the book - it's hysterical. It might even give you more ideas for limericks!

Bunnyluver - I KNOW I WAS BUMMED! I looked for the gang, you have some on the website so I thought for sure I'd see messy boy Hugo or Bungee. :( It's a cute book tho!

Anonymous said...

Riena is so adorable. *smoochies*