18 June 2007

Monday Bunday

This is actually from Saturday - more of the finest in bunny disapproval. I took archi out to see the enclosure with the plants thinking maybe she'd explore a little but she did the same thing - turned right around and went back in the house. I wish i had central air and heat bunnygirl but i don't so i'm not sure what the draw to inside is for her other than the ability to hide under the bed which she does most of the day :-)

I want to give the plants a week or so to stabilize before i put her in and I still have to get the fencing put in place - i got kinda distracted. Saturday Ollie was having a hard day so I took a lot of breaks from working to sit in the yard and cuddle him. At one point i even picked him up and set him in my lap which he usually fights cuz he's way big to be a lap dog - but he rested in my arms for a while!

thanks for all your nose bumps, purrayers, prayers, hugs and just genuine outpouring of care - it is hard - he was a GREAT dog ... i'm thankful he's not sick anymore. but now i realize the missing him part.


Anonymous said...

I think the new home looks great! And I'm sure Archi will warm to it - it's just something different. Before long, you won't be able to get her back inside! You've done a good job!

DK & The Fluffies said...

Um, where is the basil?

Zinger said...

i've never had basil so my mom didnt buy any. and they didn't have peppermint so she's going back for that so she'll have to get some basil then too