08 July 2007

easy like sunday morning

Lakota and the buns enjoy some nice shade together...
while i am working on minor preps for the yard to possibly welcome Lakota's new buddy and big brother...


from the Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue
California Dogs Available for Adoption
(2nd one down on the list)

Ollie was part ridgeback and i love the temperament. they're wonderful dogs.
I hope to get to meet him tomorrow. I passed the home inspection with 2 issues, one being the rabbits. Ridgebacks have high prey drives. I have to cage Riena and Luther while he gets settled, then work with him on accepting them into the pack. Archi may be ok in her enclosure but if there are problems with that I'll have to cage her as well. I'll work with him as I did Ollie and hopefully he'll accept them. But I want him to accept and trust me first.

I miss Ollie terribly. I've actually never experienced this level of grief. The thought of helping a dog like Rocko, owner surrendered due to a move at 8 years old, really does my heart good. He needs a good home to live out his final years and still has the puppy in him, just like Ollie did. He needs a home like I can provide.

I can't wait to meet him. I imagine I am going thru what parents might who are adopting children and know their child is out there now but just haven't been able to realize the joy of bringing the child home!


Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I love that picture of Lakota and the bunnies! I hope Rocko ends up loving the buns, too.

Helping a critter who needed a friend has helped me over the loss of a furry friend, so I hope Rocko and you end up being good for each other!

Anonymous said...

Rocko looks like a beautiful dog. I hope everything goes well and I am sure Lakota would love the company (and you of course!).

Keep us updated. :)

DK & The Fluffies said...

Rocky is a total cutie!

DK & The Fluffies said...

Oh and we love the picture of Lakota and the fluffies!

Ellie said...

Sweet! What an adorable little bunny. Hope you don't mind that I linked you to my blog! :)

Bunnies rule!