12 July 2007

my apologies...

I AM SO SORRY to all you out there that were a little put off by the "full monty" of the previous post! I did not mean to be so risque!!! hehe

But since i already am... here's a pic of a really slinky cute female model in front of my new Honda Fit!

actually she was a bit of a priss - she really didn't want to pose!

hey puddy's mum - it's a stick shift so you can drive it when you come visit california tee hee!!!


Anonymous said...

Ooh that is AWESOME! I love the colour! And I'm a sucker for metallic paint, wow, that's such a nice car!

You betcha I'll be driving it if I ever end up in California (that would be awesome too! I so want to go to America at some point in my lifetime!). But I might stall a fair bit! ;)

DK & The Fluffies said...

Archi we nominated you as a Rockin' Blogger

Bogdan, the editor said...

what a great model! Look as red-hot as the car.

(This is from the Investor. Bogdan isn't a fan of doggies.)

Karen Jo said...

What a nice-looking dog! The car isn't bad looking, either.