02 July 2007

i disapprove!

well me mum has been tagged for a meme by Kate at A Byootaful Life
but this is MY SITE ... ARCHI's Antics...
not Archi's Mum's Antics...
so i've crawled back into my cage and am hiding under my pillowcase in protest!

fine by me, says archi's mum :-)

so Kate has tagged me

INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so:

Harmonia’s Cuppa Tea

Vaguetarian Tea Room

Sugar and Lard

Kate in the Kitchen

A Byootaful Life

Archi's MUMS antics

Next, select five people to tag:

Mrs. Sniffles

Bunny- she may have just bought a new house -Girl

Belle and Pearl's awesome foster Mum-home of Bunny and Winnie

And Archi's boy Hugo's Mum

ok so that' s only 4... ahhh well

and on to the questions:

What were you doing 10 years ago?

Oi... i just recently finished college and started a career working for a software developer in Southern California. I was just getting established and becoming a person i think! I had a siberian husky/german shepherd mix dog named winston and a mini schnauzer named popeye.

and kate thought her life was boring! HA i was boring-er!

What were you doing 1 year ago?

i've grown a lot in 10 years and even a bit in a year! last year at this time i had taken a trip to hawaii with my family - mom, dad, 1 sister in HS at the time and 2 brothers and their wives. it was awesome. parents have a time share and gave us plane tickets for christmas the previous year. i spent my 35th birthday on a beach in maui!!!

but never been down under... yet... hehe

Five snacks you enjoy:

1. cheesy poofs
2. snacky cakes (i'm not fat i'm big boned! hehe! jk)
3. popcorn with the dogs and rabbits on movie nights
4. crackers and peanut butter
5. steak!!!

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to:

only 5?!!! this is going to be hard ... i know the lyrics to hundreds of songs... pretty useless information i suspect! so here's 5 in current consistent ipod rotation right now...

1. The Great Golden Gate Disaster - Project86
2. Treat Me Like a Human - Roger Miller (or any of his...)
3. The Color Green - Rich Mullins
4. It's Going to be all right - Sara Groves
5. Exoskeletons - Tourniquet

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

1. Give a bunch to God (tithe and then some)
2. pay off car and bills
3. retire my dad - i'm building a business already and my dad knows he gets retired before me
4. whatever my mom wants/needs :-)
5. do nice things for people i love like i do already but can't really afford to

Five bad habits:

only 5? i have so many!!! hehe
1. SNORING (sometimes even when i'm awake!!)
2. i am very hard on myself -
3. I thrash when i sleep - if i get married my hubby will need his own bed!
4. i don't let things go easily - hard for me to change plans fast/redirect/be spontaneous
5. i'm basically ambitiously lazy

Five things you like doing:

1. Playing with my doggie
2. Walking the pup
3. Working in the yard
4. Helping friends
5. teaching High School Sunday school (which i've missed since ollie got sick... need to go back!)

Five things you would never wear again:
1. a dress (i wish!!!)
2. sneakers without socks - i just can't do it anymore!
3. my silk petra jacket - even when they were popular it was a lame jacket!
4. a swimsuit!
5. a cap and gown ... school is overrated

Five favorite toys:
1. my computer
2. My Honda Element
3. my ipod
4. all my cds (i still prefer the whole package rather than just the downloads... it's art!)
5. my nanimals :-)

well this was fun but it made me think too hard and now my brain hurts...

coming thursday... thursday thirteen featuring Lakota!!!


DK & The Fluffies said...

cheesy poofs!!!!!!! ~DKM

Anonymous said...

Nice! I'm so sorry Archi Ann that I tagged your mum and not you - I promise next time it'll be your turn! *huggles*

Hawaii sounds awesome! I've never been but i think we're planning to go soon, which should be fun! I enjoyed reading your answers and I agree that a swim suit is one of the things I'm never wanting to wear again! :D